• Bok choi

    $2.50 / each In stock

    Stir-fry with plenty of garlic and a bit of soy sauce.  So easy, so good.

  • Broccoli Leaves

    $3.00 / 1/2-lb In stock

    Sturdy is a good word for these, will hold up well in a soup. Not as tender as our kale but not as tough as collards.

  • Cabbage, Red Express

    ~ $4.50 / each Approx. 3.00 lbs

    Beaultiful red mini heads of cabbage.  Very sweet, great for slaw and sauerkraut.  Approximately 1.75 lbs each.

  • Celery

    $3.00 / each Only 1 left in stock

    Most farms have a hard time growing good-quality celery, given that it prefers to grow in “organic muck.” Well, we’ve got that, in spades, and our celery is the proof. Loads of flavor, though not as great for snacking this year due to the lack of rain. All Potter Hill potato salad? Yes please!

  • Kale

    $3.00 / bunch

    Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store.  Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian.  We’ll pick whichever looks best.  Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

  • All heirloom varieties, we’ll harvest what looks best that day. From the tunnel and oh so delicious!

  • Instant salad – a combination of lettuces that look best each week. Potential candidates are summer crisps, romaines, and leafy lettuces. Comes in 1/3 pound bags.

  • Summer spinach, like a cross between chard and spinach. Not as tender as our spring and fall spinach, but just as tasty.

  • Swiss chard

    $3.00 / bunch Only 2 left in stock

    It took a little longer to join the party, but chard is here! If you’re not sure about swiss chard – sautee in butter, add minced fresh garlic and white whine, braise until it’s as tender as you like it.  You’ll be a convert.