• Bok choi

    $3.50 / each

    Stir-fry with plenty of garlic and a bit of soy sauce.  So easy, so good. Young bok choi this week, sold in bunches.

  • Kale

    $3.50 / bunch

    Will beat the pants off any old kale you find at the grocery store.  Bunches may be either green stemmed Vates or red stemmed Red Russian.  We’ll pick whichever looks best.  Both are open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

  • Kohlrabi

    $3.50 / bunch

    Kohl rabi, as I understand it, translates directly from German as “root cabbage”.  It’s a bit of a misnomer, as the edible part of a kohl rabi plant is actually the swollen base of the stem.  But you can see how it got it’s name.

    Kohl rabi is very mild and sweet, great for raw eating or light steaming. Peeled, these purple orbs have a crisp white flesh that is great dipped in hummus, or even better just as it is pulled from the ground with just a bit of salt.

  • A delicious snack on their own, chopped into salads or cook them ever so lightly. With a mild sweet pea flavor, they’re a real delicacy. Get them while you can!

  • XL 1lb bags of delicious salad mix. Combination of Tangerini’s lettuce mix and Potter Hill salad mix (lettuce and tokyo bekana). Triple washed for your convenience.

  • A spicy combination of tokyo bekana, tatsoi, mustard greens and arugula – toddler to teenager sized.