• Braising Mix

    $3.00 / bunch

    The best looking item we grow on the farm! This will be a diverse mix of mustard greens, young bok choi, and yokatta na from the tunnel. So good! This is our version of Frank’s – we put that sh#t on everything…eggs, soups, pasta, the list goes on. Or make beans and greens and pair it with some Short Creek sausage for a classic Jeff Backer dinner.

  • Garlic

    $1.25 / each

    When I bought garlic stock for seed in the fall for my first ever garlic crop (patience! Mine won’t be ready till August), I bought some extra garlic to sell and it went in a flash. I met up with Noah from Aprilla Farm at the recent organic conference and stocked back up for your enjoyment.

  • Baby (ok more like juvenile) kale fresh from the tunnel. Me thinks the field kale is done for the season, but hard to tell under the snow!

  • Lettuce Heads, Baby

    $0.25 / each In stock

    Yes, .25 cents. I don’t feel right charging for them they’re so small, but I will wash them for you for a quarter! Probably about a single serving salad per head.

  • Gorgeous winter spinach. Eat it raw or just wilt it, delicious no matter how you serve it.

  • Yokatta Na

    $2.50 / bunch

    A new green for us…after tasting it the first time this spring, I wanted to know more. I didn’t find much but I did learn that it means (roughly I’m sure) “that’s good” in Japanese. And it is! Big beautiful leaves a little smaller than kale but it has more of a spinach taste than most Asian greens.