• Fall = butternut squash season. Stock up! We did. Our butternut was a victim of the drought – I mowed the plants down long ago so so I stocked up from our friends at Aprilla Farm.

  • Well, actually you need to do the frying. Unripe green tomatoes, an end of season treat…get them while they last!

  • Tasty tomatoes from the tunnel, and tastier heirlooms from the field with names like Cherokee Purple, Cosmonaut Volkov, Rose de Berne, Aunt Ruby’s Green, Orange Banana Plum, Gold Medal and more.

  • Honey

    $10.00 / each In stock

    1 pound jars of Potter Hill produced honey. The beekeeper said based on the color it is mostly wildflower honey, but surely there’s veggie flower pollen in there too as I see honeybees all the time in the garden. They also have a 2 mile radius, so I imagine many of you have seen them too!

  • Squash, Acorn

    ~ $3.25 / each Approx. 1.25 lbs

    A little olive oil, generously seasoned with salt and pepper, and some alone time in the oven is all that’s needed to prepare this sweet squash. One squash will serve 2 – it’s bigger than a sweet dumpling squash but much smaller than butternut. With skin even thinner than our president, no need to peel before roasting/eating!

  • Mixed heirloom varieties, like a little box of jewels.