Douglas Farmers Market Pick-Up

We have historically sold our incredible organic vegetables at the Douglas farmers Market and hope to have the capacity to do so again in the future. If you are unfamiliar with our farm, we specialize in great-tasting heirloom vegetable varieties, and all of our produce is certified organic. This year, instead of attending, we’ll drop off orders at the market. The main benefit of this is that there are no wasted vegetables after the market, as well as a reduced time commitment.

The process is simple. You’ll receive an email each week highlighting what’s at peak flavor. Click the link in the email to go to our online ordering system where everything we currently have for sale is listed. Put your orders in by Friday evening, we’ll pick it fresh for you early Saturday morning, and drop it off at the market by 10am in a bag with your name on it.

It’s like a CSA, but more convenient for the customer. A CSA is a wonderful concept from the farmer’s perspective – the upfront expenses of feed, seeds, supplies, and labor early in the season are steep, while veggies are a labor of love and patience. Without the revenue from pre-selling CSA shares, we don’t start earning any of the investment back until later in the season.

By purchasing a CSA card, we receive the benefit of a CSA but you still get the freedom to choose what you want and when, and there is no commitment to ordering every week. Guesstimate the amount on produce you expect to spend this season and choose the amount desired. To give you some perspective, a “couple’s share” typically runs around $400 for 20 weeks of produce (~$20/week of veggies). A larger share that will feed 4-6 people ranges from $600-$700 (~$30-$35/week). To show our appreciation of your commitment to our farm this season, we will add a bonus to CSA cards over $300*.

Check out a list of what we’re currently picking here – the list is short currently, but will grow rapidly along with our plants. Questions? Email me at

Paul Grady
Potter Hill Farm

*$300+ –> we add 5% bonus            
$450+ –> we add 8% bonus              
$600+ –> we add 10% bonus

Please make checks for gift cards payable to Potter Hill Farm. Checks can mailed to 75 Potter Hill Farm, Grafton, MA 01519.