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Don’t worry, I work here

I went up to feed the cows on Saturday afternoon, around 5:00pm.  Normally, this is an incredibly unremarkable experience.  Cows waiting impatiently in the barn for their dinner, bellowing at me as I get out of the truck.  Hay in feeder, cows munch munch huff moo munch, back in truck, go home.

However, this time, instead of cows waiting for me in the barn, I found the corral gate wide open, cows grazing in the neighbor’s yard like it was springtime, and other neighbor Zach waiting in the road looking a little unsure of what to do next.  Apparently, one of the cows (I suspect Abigail) figured out how to unlatch the gate and they had been on a little mission around the neighborhood to find something green to eat.  One of the neighbors, not having a lasso handy and unsure of what else to do, called the Grafton Police Department.  The officer who came up the hill, presumably also lasso-less and not knowing what else to do, went to Zach’s house.  And so Zach told the officer, “Oh, the cows are out? OK, thanks.  Don’t worry, I work here, I’ll take care of it.”  Nice!  Anyway, Zach called Paul, Paul wrangled Dave, and I showed up just in time.  After an hour of pursuit and cajoling, and after setting up some road blocks and temporary fencing, we got the cows back where they belong.  And now there’s a chain on the gate.

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Coming along

I’ve spent the last week tweaking and making small improvements to the new website.

  • The home page now tells you the date that your order will be ready if you place an order, and this information is also displayed on the cart and checkout pages.
  • I’ve made some small improvements to the shop pages so that I think it’s a bit more clear what you are actually ordering – a pound of this, a package of that, and how much an average package weighs.
  • There’s a photos page that hooks right up to my Google Photos and Instagram accounts, so there will often be new farm pictures to look at.  Well, mostly new Barley pictures, if I’m being honest.
  • Finally the format of the newsletter is going to change a bit.  You’ll still get the newsletter weekly, but it will contain a digest of blog posts made during the week.

Note that you can order any time during the week and your order will be ready the following Monday – no need to wait until the weekend to place an order.  I still request that you get your order in by Sunday night so I have time to get organized for Monday morning.  If you place an order early in the week and then decide you need something else, just put in another order.  It’s easy enough for me to put them together.  Eventually, I plan to make it so you can edit your order during the week from your account page.