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Sentinels of Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m requesting a re-do of March – what happened to out like a lamb after our roaring start? It’s been especially hard to swallow after the cruel tease of  a mild February. Baby and I have been cooped up inside all month, but this sight has given us hope that spring will eventually return like these robins did. So long and good riddance March…though it seems April will be up to her old tricks to start.

With the cold temps and snow still on the fields (and more to come?!), I’ve pushed back the seeding schedule, but we do have some seeds started in the greenhouse. Sprouts even have popped up – the leeks were the first to poke their pencil heads through the soil. I’ve started collecting supplies and equipment for the season to come, and the animals will begin arriving soon. We’re still in hurry up and wait mode, so this season feels more like a concept than a reality. I know soon enough I’d kill for some down time, but right now I can’t wait for it all to begin!

The usual crowd will be joining us on Monday for our monthly pickup, minus the cheese people. Fern Hollow Farm will have flyers available promoting their meat chicken CSA – finally a source of organically-fed chicken! Anna Banana’s Homemade Chocolates has chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and just plain chocolates if you’re not feeling festive – you can order what you want via this link. Jeff will be coming down to spread his monthly cheer, and sausages, and salamis, and bacon, and grass-fed beef. Check out what he has to offer here. He also asked me to remind everyone of his new pork CSA options – he has full shares, half shares, and box shares of 35, 15, and 10 pounds respectively. You don’t have to fill up your freezer to get the best pork around, but it’s so good you’re going to want more, so you might as well go whole-hog!

I have a little celeriac left and and some storage radishes left – get ’em before they’re gone! See y’all Monday.

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Up and down the temps go, where they’ll stop nobody knows. It seems a little early for green things to be sprouting, but tell that to these little guys I found in my yard. As I write this, it’s 60 degrees, and I’m exhausted from spending every single minute I possibly can outside. But by the time this reaches some of you, it may be single digits! I guess the only thing you can count on these days is the wind…at least up here on the hill anyway.

The garden plans are done and the seed order is in – must be late January. Wait, it’s March?! Guess I’m a little late on that one. Before you know it, I’ll have green things to sell but until then we have a decent lineup; meat, cheese, chocolates, and EGGS! Not from our chickens – they won’t be here till April. I’ve been busy making new farm friends this winter, and one new friend raises meat birds on pasture, which we’re super excited to make available to y’all later this season. She also has a head start on us in the egg department, so we’re offering those up for your eating enjoyment. Organically fed and free ranging, soon to be out on pasture if this freak weather continues.

Sarah has Easter themed chocolates (like we need an excuse to indulge!), and Jeff will be down with his unusually delicious meats as usual. We’re  also pretty excited for these two farm babes to reconnect for dinner on Sunday – order your cheese by 1pm Sunday so the Couets don’t have to make a separate trip. Stock up for the month on all these goodies as we won’t be doing this again till April!

Oh, and there will be plenty of celeriac available. Get it while the getting is still good. And I promise, it really really is good if you’ve never tried it.