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Relief and a Meatful Monday

Well, a very tiny little bit of relief, but at least it didn’t quite hit 90 today, so I can’t complain. Ok, so maybe just one complaint. What happened to 73 and rain all day!?! Don’t expect a flush of produce all at once, but there is still plenty on the market list for this week. Tomatoes (!!) and beans will be first come, first serve again.

More MatersThe Grady household faced a minor emergency recently…we ran out of Short Creek breakfast sausage last week! In keeping with the trend of having good food come to me, I convinced Jeff to restart his meat deliveries on the first Monday of each month. Fortunately for me and for you, this coming Monday happens to be the first Monday of August. Join me in putting in your order for the best sausages and BACON around. Just like the cheese and blueberries you can now pick up at Potter Hill, all money goes right back to the hardworking farmers who raised the animals AND hand-made each sausage.

Despite the less than hoped for amount of rain, I decided to roll the dice and plant some lettuce that had been waiting for a change of pace from 95 and sunny. Ever the optimist (fool?), I will seed some fall beets, carrots, watermelon radishes, and rutabaga this weekend and hope for the best. What else can I do? The forecast looks decent, though it looked even better yesterday.

We will not be at the market in Douglas tomorrow, so if all you Douglasians need your organic veggies this week, please put in an order for Monday pickup. If you can’t wait, we will be at the Boylston market from 10-1pm on Saturday.

See you Monday!


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Here it is approaching Sunday afternoon and I still haven’t let you all know what’s new in the garden yet! There is so much going on, it’s hard to sit down and spend an hour on the computer, especially with a fussy, but oh so adorable, 5 week old to constantly soothe.Maters

This heat! What can I say about it that hasn’t already been said? We’re in the midst of a severe drought and this brutal string of 90 degree days is supposed to continue for five more days. With our rich, heavy, wet soils up on the hill, we’ve never had to irrigate in the past. Sure, it would have helped during some dryer times, but it never reached crop failure proportions. The good news is that everything that rooted deeply in wetter times (a distant memory now), is continuing to produce…the tomatoes especially seem to be thriving. You may even see a few for sale on Monday!! But I’ve had to delay all new planting, including succession plantings of beets, carrots, radishes, arugula, etc, meaning there will be an unfortunate gap in goodies down the road. Definitely get your fill of Potter Hill organic veggies now…because if this heat doesn’t break soon, there may be no fall crop at all!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…there will be blueberries for sale on Monday! No, not from Potter Hill (future project along with irrigation!). The good folks at Douglas Orchard have taken on the large task of revitalizing a neglected orchard and are committed to organic practices. Just like the incredible cheese available for order from Couet Farm, the blueberries are being offered as a convenience to Potter Hill customers – all money goes right back to the hard-working farmers that raised these tasty treats!

As always, put your orders in online before 8am tomorrow morning. If you’re too busy to choose, order a garden bag for only $15 by replying to this email or ordering online. We’ll pick your order fresh tomorrow morning and have it available for you to pick-up from 4-7pm Monday afternoon right on the farm at 64 Potter Hill Rd in Grafton. Hope to see you then!

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Cheese? Yes please!

It’s so hot out there you could fry an egg on the sidewalk! Speaking of eggs, breakfast doesn’t get any better than eggs fresh from the farm on toast from Simple Bread, covered with Adelisca cheese from Couet Farm & Fromagerie. FranciszkaMy wife and I love the cheese so much, I reached out to our friend, Marie-Laure, to see if she was interested in offering it to Potter Hill customers. She immediately caught on to what I really wanted – a steady supply of her cheese delivered right to the farm! But she also thought it was a great idea. And so, you can now order her most tasty cheese on our website to be picked up along with your veggies from 4-7pm on Mondays. Just like last week, get your orders in before 8am tomorrow morning. This is my first step in trying to make Potter Hill a one-stop shop of delicious goodness. Please give her cheese a shot – you won’t regret it!

The garden is tolerating the heat and continues to crank out loads of veggies, but how about some rain sometime soon?! New this week is a limited number of rainbow carrot bunches. If you didn’t try any beets last week, you need to. They’re so young and tender, I didn’t even peel them before roasting – halved or quartered, salt, pepper, olive oil and a 400 degree oven for an hour or so, removing the cover halfway. Easy peasy. Oh, and have you tried the blonde cucumbers yet? Follow this link for more tasty treats.

The garden bags were a big hit last week. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, or running short on time, just reply to this email or order online, and you’ll get enough fresh veggies to feed 2 reasonably sized adults for a week for just $15. Order away!

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Monday Pickups are Back!

CucumbersAll of a sudden the summer abundance has struck, and it’s quite delicious. Beets, cucumbers, and zucchini are all available for pickup tomorrow, in addition to much more. That’s right all you beet fantatics, we got the beet back! It seems early up on the hill for these juicy, crisp and cool blonde cucumbers, but I have to keep reminding myself it’s mid-July…how’d that happen!?

There are a dozen different veggies listed on the market page so no matter what you like, there’s a good chance to we have it. Overwhelmed by choices like me? Leave it to your favorite farmer to choose for you. Just reply to this email that you want a garden bag – they’re only $15 and will be filled with enough veggies to last 2 people one week.

Due to the tardiness of this newsletter, I will take orders up until 8am Monday morning, but try to get your order in by midnight tonight! Pickups are back on schedule right on the farm on Mondays from 4-7pm. See you then!